Monday, May 2, 2011

Federal Election, Canada 2011

Today we had another federal election here in Canada.
At first I wasn't going to go and vote, as I was perturbed another election had been called.
I believe the Liberals called it, before Prime Minister Stephen Harper had finished his term.
He had another year to go, so I was miffed. I like that man and I agree with most of his policies.
However, here in Vancouver Kingsway I vote NDP.
Pictured above, I'm standing with Don Davies, on Feb 12 of last year. (the day the Winter Olympics began here in Vancouver) I voted for him today and he won again, so I'm quite happy.
Plus the Liberals are waaaay down on the scales, and the NDP is the official opposition party, with Jack Layton leading them. I like him too.
So I'm very happy with the election results tonight, and I'm glad I went out and did my civic duty today.

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Betty (picture circa 1951) said...

Do you not have set dates for elections like we do? I'm assuning they can be called at any time in Canada. I believe it's done that way in England too.

I know it's election time here. The annoying recorded phone calls have begun. My pet peeve. I'm on the state do not call list, but the politicians that wrote the law excluded politians!! So, the vacuum cleaner guy or the siding guy can't call, but the politicans can. What makes them think I want to run to the phone for their recorded message? I have two choices...give up my land line or give up my vote. There's no other way to stop it.