Monday, May 2, 2011

Memory Monday...25 years ago...

Somewhere I have a photo of Princess Diana, first wife of Prince Charles, heir to the throne of England, taken by myself.
It was taken 25 years ago today, I believe; I'd have to check my journal.
That was when Princess Diana, or Lady Di as we liked to call her, visited Vancouver BC and attended our World Fair, Expo '86.
I found my little album of Expo photos, and will scan them in this week.
My sisters, especially Marie, were completely "gaga" about Lady Di.
They decided that they would meet her coming out of the hotel where she was staying downtown, and they lined up early. Robert and I met for dinner that night, in a restaurant long gone now.
We joined my family at the hotel, and surged forward with the crowd when the elevator carrying Lady Di and Prince Charles came down. Marie screeched and called out her name, and Lady Di came up to us and commented on Marie's "sheep jersey" (one of Lady Di's own favourites, and Marie was wearing a copy of it) and she took Marie's flowers, and Marlene's too. I never thought of bringing flowers!
I remember the beauty of Lady Di's face, especially her blue eyes; she had a peaches and cream complexion. Dan, Leona's husband, called out, "God bless you, Prince Charles!"
Prince Charles looked surprised but he smiled and waved.
The moment was soon gone. It was euphoric and I still remember the feeling of meeting royalty in person.
There's nothing quite like it when you are a commoner!
Because I live in a Commonwealth country, I'm a fan of the Royals.
Yes, indeed; I got up at 2 am last Friday, April 29, in order to watch Prince Charles and Lady Di's first son, Prince William, marry his true love, Catherine Elizabeth Middleton, also a commoner.
It was nearly as exciting as meeting Lady Di in person.
I think she would have been so proud of him.


Jane said...

What a sweet memory! I think a lot of us were thinking of Princess Diana (& her wedding)as we watched Prince William's.

Betty (picture circa 1951) said...

I was up bright and early too!

I have the sheep shirt! I made it with a stencil and I've kept it all these years. The one is black...right? The directions were in the Ladies Home Journal I believe along with a pattern for the sheep. Wasn't her's a sweater? I've got the picture around here somewhere.

Meeting her would have been so neat!

Thank you for the lovely Easter card.

dana said...

I so enjoyed reading this. I loved Lady Di, too.....she got such a raw deal from the Royals. I pray her boy has a very happy life.....I loved his wedding! I didn't get up early to watch it, but I saw lots of it over the days that followed! dana