Monday, May 16, 2011

Memory Monday...long weekends

One of my favourite times of the year when I was a young girl was the month of May, with the long weekend of Victoria Day on Monday, (the 2nd last weekend in May) and Sport's Day at Sir Wilfred  Grenfell Elementary School.
In the picture above, dated May 1968, I'm on the left wearing an old dress and a blue hat of my Mother's. The blue hat was actually part of her going away outfit from her honeymoon and yes, I still have it! My Mom decorated our doll buggies with coloured Kleenex pom poms and streamers. Leona is standing next to me, and Marlene is beside her. May seemed much warmer in those days.
Sport's Day began with a big parade. We lived just down the hill from the school.
Two rows of chairs lined the gravel playing field where our parade took place. It was such fun to go around the field twice, while the parents chatted and had coffee. I have many happy memories of my childhood and I'm very grateful and thankful that my Mom didn't have an outside job, and so she shared in my daily joys of school life, and was always at home after school.
These memories are very precious to me.

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