Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Writing Wednesday

Well, as usual, the only writing I've done lately is emailing and blogging.
I've definitely lost my muse. I seem to be way more interested in gardening and sewing and scrapbooking, than in writing. I don't know how to keep inspired. The "keeping focused" gene is missing from my makeup.
However, I read every day. I usually read before going to bed; I'm currently reading my way through the "No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency" books written by Alexander McCall Smith, and I'm so enjoying them. I have quite a longing to visit Botswana, Africa one day!
I also spend too much time reading online. I adore blogs, and lately I've found quite a rash of beautiful sewing blogs, with vintage patterns and fabrics shown in gorgeous photos. I have to lose at least 15 lbs before I could ever sew a vintage dress for myself. Anyhow, that's the story of my writing life to date!

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Laurie said...

Hey, Loretta! What do you write? I write fiction -- need to go back and revise the current draft of my latest novel, but, like you, I'm in a slump. The weather is too nice to sit inside and write!

Laurie Wanat