Friday, June 10, 2011

The Canucks have won Game 5!!!!!! (and lost Game 4)

I'm a nervous wreck!
I suffered great angst after Wednesday night's horrific game in Boston; the score was 8 - 1, with 8 belonging to the Boston Bruins. It was a terrible game to watch. Tonight I went to the Metrotown Library where they had set up a HUGE screen for the avid hockey fans. Mysteriously, there were only about 80 people there, so it was nice and calm. I sat on a bench and had my supper (A & W chicken burger & hot tea) and enjoyed watching the game in a big crowd, with a leafy tree blocking most of my view.
After 2 periods and no score I came home. I was actually in the living room when the Canucks scored; someone named Lapiere did the mighty deed!
Kelsie and I went leaping about the living room as usual.

There is a huge High when the home team scores a goal.
I just love the feeling!
These photos were taken in 2003, the last time I was excited about the Playoff games...
I don't know what I did with those flags.

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