Monday, June 13, 2011

The Canucks have lost Game 6...sigh...

Me and Matthew way back on October 16, 2002, at GM Place in Vancouver at a Canucks Hockey game.
This is 9 years ago! Wow...time flies. This is the last Canucks game I attended in person.
I believe they lost this game. It just isn't fun paying good money to see them lose.

Fin the mascot came up near our seats.

Does Fin still exist? What I don't know about Canucks hockey would fill a huge book!

Dan Cloutier was the goalie at the time. Whatever happened to him?
Why can't the Canucks have a goalie like Tim Thomas? I tell you, I'm very impressed with that man...
Do you think the Canucks will take home the Stanley Cup on Wednesday?
Because they are now tied with the Boston Bruins, and the playoffs now go to Game 7.
Seventeen years ago, in 1994, this same scenario played out.
And they LOST on my birthday.
Once again, they are playing Game 7 in Vancouver on my birthday.
I don't have proper hockey nerves.

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Teragram Nebuoh said...

for this round of games they've won every home game against the bruins... so they WILL win on Wednesday!