Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Our 5th day in Anaheim, UFDC: Wed July 27, 2011

Wednesday, July 27 was the busiest day of the week.
I decided by the end of the day that conventions are not for me, as they are so intense!
At least, if you go to one, you should not combine a relaxing vacation with it, as it doesn't mix very well.
I got up at 6:30 in order to have my breakfast and hurry to the 8:00 am opening of the Highlight Tour in the Competitive Exhibit. The first one lasted until 9:00 am and went very quickly. Others in the tour had little booklets to take notes in, but I didn't receive a booklet in my package, so the tour is now rather hazy, as I don't do very well without note taking! We saw china head dolls and wooden dolls from the 1700's. They were interesting but not my favourites. Plus the tour leaders got carried away and talked too long on certain things, so we missed out on most of the exhibit we were looking at!
At 9:00 am Linda joined me and we went on another tour in a different section of the room. I cannot remember which dolls were covered; it's all a blur.

I had planned to attend a program at 10:30 am but after all the talking from the tour, I couldn't possibly listen to anymore, so Linda and I headed to the National Doll Festival showroom at the Sheraton.
It was the last day for this show. I bought a lovely Ginger Brook Hollow doll. She was half price as they are being discontinued.

Then I visited Sylvie Bravot's booth for the last time, and lo and behold, this beauty was still sitting there.
She was calling my name and I succumbed.
I told Robert that he cannot buy anything for me for 2 years. I really overdid it at these shows!
This doll is a Jumeau repro, and is entirely made in France, including her dress, undies, socks, shoes, hat and purse. I have named her Marielle.

We also visited the UFDC salesroom. Here is Carol Hansen with the dolls she makes.
Linda bought a doll from her.
I ate lunch in Linda's room; we heated our leftovers from the night before. She had a microwave and fridge in her room, which was really handy.
At 2:15 I went to the "Kestner the King of Dollmakers" program, by Maureen Herrod.
Like everything at UFDC, it was extremely interesting.
At 6:00 pm, Linda and I headed to the Special Exhibits and took photos for one hour!
The exhibits had a Christmas theme and were positively beautiful. I'll post photos in another post.
From 7:30 - 8:30 we took photos in the competitive exhibit room.

At 8:00 pm the Bleuette Gathering was assembled in the Avila A room. I arrived late.
There were door prizes but I didn't win anything. Here is Marie being brave and holding up one of her lovely Shutterfly books she assembles of her Bleuette collection.

This is Nicki holding a Marie Therese doll she had bought that day.
I had hoped this Gathering would be a time to chat and get to know one another, but there were too many people here and it wasn't possible, so Agnes Sura gave a chat for 1 1/2 hours on Bleuette.

Ann and her darling Bleuette.

Christine and her cute Bleu.

New friends!

The Helper Prize donated from the BSC group. I do not know who won this lovely set.
I wish it had been me!
After this hectic day, we were supposed to meet at the pool between 10 and 10:30 pm, but when I returned to my room, my key didn't work! I raced down to Linda's room to use the bathroom, and in the meantime Robert called Linda on the phone, trying to locate us. It turns out he had been trying to call my cell, which did ring loudly in the meeting, and I shut it off; he had lost his room key, and it had been re-programmed. Robert didn't realize that of course my key wouldn't be any good, so in the meantime, before he called, Linda had called the front desk, and the security guard was going to my room to meet me.
It was quite an end to a busy day. The hot tub sure felt good after all that! I only got to use it twice, as there was no time for relaxation!


Betty (picture circa 1951) said...

I think I would have found that all a bit too hectic too. I like time to relax. It still looks like you had a good time.

Shelley said...

Such wonderful dolls....I love your purchases....the baby dolls are just darling...thanks so much for sharing....blessings