Monday, August 8, 2011

Our 4th day in Anaheim, UFDC: Tuesday July 26, 2011

Our 4th day in Anaheim dawned bright and sunny. Here is Robert taking a photo of tourists outside the Hilton, near the Marriott. He had work to do that day, I believe. For the life of me, I cannot remember what I did in the morning, but from noon till midnight my day was packed!

I met Susan Sirkus, authour of many books and patterns.
I purchased 2 of her books at her UFDC booth.

Myself, Sammy Odin, and Linda P in the UFDC salesroom.
It was such a joy to meet all these famous people which I'd heard about online!
Sammy Odin and his father have a doll museum in Paris,

His booth contained many wonderful things. I bought a darling Becassine figurine here, and a small jug and jar for Bleuette. These are GL dresses which were around $300 each. It was fascinating to see them in person.

At 2:15 pm we gathered in the BL room for "Bleuette Celebrates", a cute slide presentation narrated by Agnes Sura, an author and expert on Bleuette's history. I finally met Gael S and her little Bleuette, Claire. It was an exciting moment!

Gael and Agnes Sura, holding little Claire, who is a Resin Bleuette.

At 1:30 pm Linda and I had signed up for a hectic picture taking schedule on Wednesday.
After the Bleuette program, we rested briefly before heading to Marie's room for a meeting of the Bleuette Clan. Here are Laurie W's darling antique Bleuettes.

More darling Bleuettes! The one in the white dress in back belonged to Mary, a friend of Marie's.

If you click on all these photos, you can see them much larger.
These ladies all belong to the BSC group online, except for Mary.
It was a thrill to meet them!
Each day at UFDC was thrilling!

Nicki's beautiful hand stitched Bleuette clothes, using vintage LSDS patterns.

Are they not the cuteste things?

Afterwards we met Robert in front of the hotel, and took the shuttle bus to Disneyland, then switched to another bus which took us to Mimi's Cafe. We invited Ann H to come along with us, and we really enjoyed visiting with her. Mimi's Cafe has superb, delicious food!

The 3 of us on the shuttle bus.

After supper we headed for Downtown Disney, the only time I ever had the chance to get there.

A new sign; isn't it neat?

It was so cold that evening, we all bought new hoodies, even though we had some at the hotel.
It must have been around 12 C. does get cold at night in CA!
It was another event filled day!

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