Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Our first day in Anaheim, at the UFDC convention.

After our short flight from Vancouver BC, lasting from 9:00 am - noon, we quickly caught our shuttle bus right outside the LAX doors; it was there when we arrived at the spot. We didn't have a chance to eat lunch, so I was famished by the time we checked into the Hilton Anaheim, a wonderful efficient hotel.
The first thing we did after unpacking was head down to the food court, a new area since we were here in 2006. One place gave attendees 20% off, so that was great. We kept buying our water bottles there! The food was delicious. Robert snapped our photo by the UFDC sign.

Linda and I registered with UFDC at 6:00 pm, and then we hot-footed it across the huge Sheraton Hotel parking lot, to the Rowbear doll show. This was our first glimpse of antique dolls in row upon row, and I actually stopped dead in my tracks! I took along my Canon camera, and will upload photos of those dolls in another post.  My first purchase was from a seller named Marlene Peterson, who has been making doll clothes for over 30 years. I bought the fabric you can see here, and she gave me the darling boy outfit for free in a grab bag. I also bought the darling Tasha Tudor book from her. Then we headed to the Big Room, and hurried to Sylvie Bravot's booth. Wow. I bought a gorgeous bonnet, all handmade in France, for one of my Bleuettes. Afterwards we went to the Ruby Red Galleria and I purchased a Resin Bleuette; the Paris edition. She is simply darling. Of course she needed a change of clothes so I also bought the cute sailor outfit. It was immense fun meeting Mrs. Cheelong!

The previous post has our Disneyland photos, which is what we did on Day 2. Here I am, after eating a scrumptious breakfast at the Marriott. (a tradition for us) Do you see that heavenly blue sky?

Coming across the lobby, the second person I recognized was Marie Scopel from our BSC group.
I was delighted to meet her!


Betty (picture circa 1951) said...

Sounds like you're having a great time!

Linda said...

I feel like a pineapple dole whip...num...num