Saturday, August 6, 2011

Our 2nd day in Anaheim CA, UFDC.

I've already added Disneyland photos to a previous post, so here are a lot more!
Linda and I on the staircase in New Orleans Square; our Disneyland tradition.

Linda and I hurried back to the Hilton for a newcomer's meeting.
At 3:00 we hurried to the National Doll Festival at the Sheraton Hotel. It seems we were always in a hurry...
Here I am with Sylvie Bravot at her gorgeous booth. She is from France and her dolls and clothes are simply marvelous.

Linda's name was called and she won a door prize; a cute Madam Alexander doll.
(she won this on Saturday evening)
We met Ms. Cholong from Ruby Red Galleria. She was a real sweeite.
Here she is, ready to sign my edition of the doll magazine that had her Ruby Red Bleuette article in it.
I purchased the "Paris" Resin Bleuette from her first thing on Saturday night.
She is very different from antique or other repro Bleuettes, but her body is really unique and quite heavy.
I am enjoying dressing her. I bought the blue Marin outfit too.

Linda, myself, Ms. Cholong, and Judy, from the Doll Peddler.
We hurried back to Disneyland at 5:30 pm to meet Robert for supper.
This was dessert, served at The Plaza. (another tradition)
There is a new night show in Disneyland. Favourite photos from the day are chosen in Florida, and put on this illuminated wall at It's a Small World. It is quite dazzling.
The highlight of this show was OUR PHOTO ON THE WALL!
This photo was of Linda and myself, holding our Bleuette dolls in their Minnie Mouse dresses by the Walt Disney statue. It was a thrill to see ourselves on the wall!
This is where we sat to watch the show.
Our pass entitling us to bypass any line; we got this by chatting to a Disneyland employee near the rope where we were standing watching the fireworks show. I had never been on the Alice in Wonderland ride, so the employee, whose name was Danielle, I believe, went and got us this pass. We could bypass the lineup by going to the exit line. Isn't that neat?
Our second day in Anaheim was filled with many adventures and happy memories!

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