Sunday, September 11, 2011

Unbearable grief and pain...9/11 ten years later.

I wasn't going to post anything for this day, but I did an unthinkable thing.
I looked at YouTube and saw an amateur video of the World Trade Center collapsing ten years ago today.
In 2001 we didn't have a TV. My Mom called us and told us the awful, heart wrenching news.
Would you believe I didn't even know where the World Trade Center was located?
I was very naive ten years ago.
I felt sick to my stomach that week. I was so distressed I didn't write in my journal. Each night was filled with nightmares. I thought the world was coming to an end.
Then over time I forgot the events, as I didn't know anyone personally who had been affected by them.
But today, after watching the video clips of the carnage, I looked online and discovered the name of the flight which was hijacked and flown into the second tower. I found this heart wrenching memorial by a mother whose son, wife and  daughter were on that flight; United Airlines Flight 175.
They realized what was happening, and the son called his father just before the plane crashed.
Here is the link to the memorial.
The son's name was Peter Hanson. His wife, Sue, and their 2 1/2 year old daughter, Christine, were on the flight with him. They were going to LA and Christine was looking forward to visiting Disneyland.
I'm not quite sure what I've learned in the past ten years. I'm certainly not naive anymore.
Oh, one thing I know; I treasure each day as a precious jewel. I hope you do too.

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