Monday, September 26, 2011

Yet another dolly adventure...

On Friday, Sept 23, 2011, we set off on yet another dolly adventure!
This is the year for DOLLS!
It was exactly 2 months ago we were on our way to CA.
This time it was a road trip in the most fantastic warm and balmy weather you could ever imagine for September! I believe the store opened on July 16 of this year. I was very anxious to get to it, but my trip to UFDC in CA the following week interfered so I knew I had to wait for a good time.

This is AG's 11th store, and it's only a 2 hour drive from my house!!!!This year is AG's 25th anniversary. The company used to be Pleasant Company but now it's owned by Mattel. (the very same people who created Chatty Cathy)

 We ate lunch first, then we headed straight to the store in Alderwood Mall in Lynden, WA.
We could hardly contain our excitement.
This is the first display which greeted our eyes after entering the main door from outside.
There's also another door leading into the mall, but we sure didn't spend much time there!
This is the special wooden shelf for AG's 25th anniversay. It's $48, and I thought I would buy it and the mini dolls, but once I saw the large 18" dolls in person that idea went right out the window. I adore the 18" dolls!
Here are the brand new dolls, from 1853. I do not know why it isn't 1854 to match all the other years ending in 4. Do you? The dolls are from New Orleans and are just adorable. I very nearly bought Marie Grace, but today was a special memorial day for me, and instead I purchased Ruthie, Kit's friend. She is from 1934.
It was 10 years ago on this day, Sept 23, that my mother in law, Ruth, passed away.
I thought it was a very fitting tribute that I bought "Ruthie" in remembrance.

This is the Doll of the Year, Kanani. Linda purchased her.
Dakotah is standing in a special display; she had a lot of fun in this store!

Here we are outside the store; Dakotah chose a Just Like Me doll.

Ruthie wearing a modern Seattle souvenir outfit.

Ruthie wearing her school clothes.
AG makes the most fantastic outfits!

Waiting outside Claim Jumper's Restaurant. There's always a huge mob of people here, but the place is so big, the wait isn't long. The food is very good.

After a long and exhausting yet wonderful day!
This was me and Linda's 3rd trip to an AG store, and the best one yet.


Linda said...

And what a neat dolly adventure this was...thanks again for taking us along!

Celestial Charms said...

What a wonderful place to visit. I love American Girl dolls. The stores are fantastic, and a place to so enjoy!