Sunday, October 16, 2011

A fantastic weekend with Margaret!

Margaret, Robert's youngest sister, arrived by Greyhound bus on Thursday afternoon, October 13.
You will notice she brought the sunshine with her!

Kelsie was in raptures to see her, as Margaret is a doggie lover, and she hasn't been to visit for a while.
We promptly sat down and had a cup of hot tea.

Crockpot chilli chicken had been simmering all afternoon.
The house smelled scrumptious.

I had set up a Halloween display in the kitchen.
Halloween has taken Vancouver by storm; many people have decorated their yards with Halloween things, even though it's still 2 weeks away.

Never one to let the grass grow underneath her feet, Margaret began to make Christmas cards that very evening, the purpose of her visit.

Never one to be left in the dust, I followed suit.

Here's what the kitchen looked like with two tables set up for our card making.

Hard at work.

All day Friday we made cards, and in the evening we went to Matthew's apartment where we enjoyed a cheese fondue supper. Yummy!

Margaret with ALL her cards, a total of 39!
(some are laying down)

My cards. I made 34!

I was very pleased with the result of two days and one evening of crafting.

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