Tuesday, November 1, 2011

30 years ago today...

Robert and I, November 1981
(notice the grand 1980's fashion style and home decor)
Looking at these photos brings back the feeling of intense happiness I felt when Robert asked me to be his wife. The 1980's were the happiest times of my life.

It was 30 years ago tonight that Robert proposed to me in Queen Elizabeth Park near the rose gardens.
It was a bitterly cold Sunday night after church. He had asked me out, all by myself, without the usual group of young people. I was thrilled as Robert usually loved a crowd about, while I wished to be a little romantic once in a while!

We got into his little blue Volkswagen and drove down Kingsway to Top's Restaurant. We parked in the front but before I could open the door, Robert said, "I'm not very hungry. Would you like to go for a drive instead?" I was surprised because Robert always liked a snack after church! But I didn't mind a drive either, so I said sure. We wound up at the park, and parked in the dark near the rose gardens.

Robert chatted for a while and then he said he wanted to marry me. I was surprised for the second time that night. I couldn't believe it. We had been dating for 8 months and I thought he'd never ask. I said I'd like to marry him too! He then brought up the subject of no job, but that didn't concern me in the least. I told him I already had a date picked out; April 3, 1982.

Looking back I was quite naive, but also full of faith that everything would work out according to God's plan. Robert found full time work at the end of January 1982, and by that time I'd already bought my dress and made most of the wedding plans!
By Loretta Houben


Marg said...

And I am very glad you guys got married! I gained a great sister :-)
By the way... I did make my 3 cards on Sunday - I just haven't posted the pictures yet. I will do so tomorrow from work.

❀~Myrna~❀ said...

Congratulations on your 30th anniversary!