Friday, November 18, 2011


Yesterday my friend, Linda and I, took public transit to Hycroft House downtown.
I believe this is the third time we've done this.
Hycroft Mansion is owned by the UBC women's club and each year they decorate and open to the public.

Here is the traditional tree in the front hallway.
It was bitterly cold and snowed last night, which is why I'm dressed warmly and not elegantly.

This is the tree in the dining room. It isn't traditional at all, but I loved the theme this year; copper and brown.

The gorgeous mirror and sidebar.

The dining room table. How I wish I could entertain like this!

The mantle and fireplace. The canldes looked very realistic.
(they're fake!)

Owls appear to be the "in" item this season.

Ah, Christmas red, more my style!

The fireplace in the main living room.
Linda and I didn't stay for long this year, as our favourite craft vendors weren't there.
The items for sale were mainly jewellery, jewellery, scarves, ceramic items and yet more jewellery.
So we left early and had lunch at the Bay on Granville, and then browsed the Christmas decorations just outside the restaurant on the 6th floor. It was a fun outing.

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Celestial Charms said...

What a beautifully decorated historic home. The owl warmed my heart. So cute! Have a wonderful weekend, and try to stay warm.