Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Christmas photos from the 1960's

I look worried as my Dad begins to open a package.

I'm admiring a new doll cradle while clutching a soft bodied doll.
I didn't name any of my baby dolls.
I can't remember these Christmas times at all.
They took place in our little house on Euclid Avenue in Vancouver BC.
However, I've always loved Christmas!
I recently scanned these from my parent's collection.
Over the past two weeks I've been having a grand time going through the family memoirs.


Celestial Charms said...

Hi Loretta,
These pictures are priceless! You were so adorable on Christmas morning, with your pretty barrett in your hair. Look how very young your Dad appears to be. The tinsel on the tree, I'm besotted!
Please do post more of your family photographs, as there are so many of us that enjoy looking at them.

Linda said...

Your photos are so still get that "look" on your face sometimes just like in the lower you didn't know that!