Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas 1966 and 1967

I now have the missing photos.
Leona had scanned them in, so she sent them to me.
This is Christmas Eve 1966.
I was 6 years old, Leona was 4, and Marlene was 1.
Aren't we cute?
This year we have red velvet dresses.
I think my Mom posed us by the dining room table with the gifts instead of by the tree, so that Marlene wouldn't get into the gifts! I just figured this out now.
In the photo below you can see the tiny Christmas tree up high on a table.
Tee hee...she also did this when Marie was little. However she never did it for me or Leona.
I guess we were angels.

I remember Marlene's wind up bee. I remember the red hat I'm holding, but I don't remember much about this Christmas.

I also remember Marlene's rocking horse. I thought it was so neat.

Christmas 1967.
We received a neat prayer book, with lovely illustrations and children's prayers.
Yes, I still have it. I should scan in the illustrations.
I see we are not wearing velvet dresses this year, but this seems like a different photo; no paper laying around, no disarray, no before photo.
I see the drapes in the background have changed this year to the orange ones.
We had those a long time.

I loved my handmade doll wardrobe, bought at the New Westminster farmer's market, and my nurse kit, and my darling Teary Deary doll. The only thing I have is the doll, although she is missing one leg.
My aunt Frieda made the dress I'm wearing.

Leona with her Dr kit, wardrobe and doll. Notice she is holding the kit.
The doll on the left mysteriously shows up in the 1968 Christmas photos, in nearly the same position.
Did she lay there for one whole year?

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jenann said...

How I've enjoyed your trip down memory lane! You had such wonderful gifts each year - I'm almost envious, but think back to how much I loved my small and inexpensive, but carefully and lovingly chosen little gifts. I grew up just after ww2 and Britain was short of materials of all kinds, so toys were not plentiful.
Have you noticed that your 2011 dolls are standing in the same positions as your little sisters in the photo below?
Have a great day,