Saturday, December 24, 2011

A continuation of special gifts...

Mysteriously, I don't have Christmas 1966 or 1967 scanned in, but here is Christmas Eve, 1968.
I remember this Christmas well. My sister Marlene, sitting on the right on a chair holding a plastic house, also got the table and chair set. Leona and I got wonderful things for our Barbies.
Leona is on the left, holding her Barbie wearing a gorgeous blue satin bridesmaid's dress which my Mom sewed, and I'm on the right holding my Stacy wearing a beautiful white satin bride dress, also made by my Mom. My Mom absolutely hates sewing, so I still treasure this dress.
Leona is also holding the neatest set of breakfast dishes for Barbie including a tiny toaster with toast which popped up when you pressed a button. Yes, I still have most of this set!

Us by the tree with Dad. We always took a before photo. I do wish my Dad had snapped a picture of us with our Mom. Notice that funny thing on the grey rocking chair? That's my special teddy bear. He had to be included too.

We usually had new velvet dresses for Christmas. I loved those dresses, bought at Simpson Sears bargain centre for $2.99 each. Here I am holding one of my favourite books of all time; The Bobbsey Twins at Pilgrim Rock. I adored that book. I'm also holding a really neat washing machine for Barbie. Leona also got one, and we washed many doll's clothes in those machines. And yes, I still have it!
Aren't we cute?
Marlene got a little doll which could cry when you fed it a bottle of water. The house belongs to the doll. I just loved that house.

I also got a wonderful Etch a Sketch. I loved that thing!

Christmas morning. I guess the rest of the stocking loot is on the couch!
We always got a German made rubber doll in our stockings.
I loved those dolls.

Christmas 1969; decorating the tree. Our Mom gave us each a pile of decorations to put on.

The year Leona and I didn't have velvet dresses. I guess they were going out of style.
Marlene still has hers.

The whirlwind after opening gifts.
If you look closely, you will see a lantern on the coffee table.
It was Leona's. She used it in the middle of the night to go and get her stocking, and she opened it on her bed, telling me everything inside while I plugged my ears. She ate some of the loot, then put it back.
I never told on her.

Our new dolls. They cried "mama" when you tipped them over.

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