Friday, December 23, 2011

Special gifts from Christmas long ago

My first Christmas in 1960, and my first doll.

My 2nd Christmas in 1961, and my first piano and first bike.

My 3rd Christmas in 1962, and my first iron and ironing board.
I set right to work.

My 4th Christmas in 1963, and my first kitchen utensils.

My 5th Christmas in 1964, and my first doll house and first Chatty Cathy doll.
I was thrilled, as you can see!

My 6th Christmas in 1965, with a new baby sister, and a gorgeous doll buggy.
I have been blessed with happy Christmas times, and hope that you have too.
These photos bring back such happy memories.


jenann said...

What lovely memories you have, Loretta! I was born a few years before you in post-war Britain and our presents were much smaller than yours, but my doll chidren were not less loved for that. My last doll was thought of as big - I measured her a few years ago and she was all of 13" tall! just large next to my 6 to 8" babies of earlier years.
There are no photos of my brother and me at that age as Dad couldn't even afford a camera. Can't imagine this generation of children being happy with a little undressed doll, a book and a pack of colouring pencils, but half the fun was hoping Granny would magically know what doll Father Christmas would bring exactly the right hand knitted outfit for the new dolly to wear later in the day - she never failed!

Celestial Charms said...

What wonderful delights these photos are. Your doll looks bigger than yourself, Loretta! :)
Love all the tinsel on the Christmas tree. I have a treasure trove of childhood photos during a 4 year period, but sadly there are very few of Christmas time. Thanks for sharing these with us.