Friday, January 6, 2012

700th post! Valentine cards...

I adore Valentine cards like this!
I randomly take them from blogs I come across.
I love this design.
This is my 700th post and I find it amazing! That's a lot of posting!

Here are 8 tiny Bleuette sized cards I made today.
I had the first migraine of 2012 this morning, so I'm happy I got this much done.
The migraines are occuring at 4 or 6 am recently and that suits me just fine, as I can sleep most of the pain away. The aura was very bright today, which means hardly any pain. Whew.
But I still felt out of it today, which is why I'm glad I could make these tiny cards, the first of 2012.


Anonymous said...

I know what it's like to have a migrain! 3 Day headaches are how long mine last. I haven't had one in a while knock wood. I am a follower now. Pat

Marg said...

Hi Loretta, sorry that you had a migraine, but nice to see you made some cards (looks like about 8 from the picture).
I've just caught up with my card making... I'll post them later tonight.
I'll also phone tonight, around 7ish.