Thursday, January 5, 2012

Cleaning and organizing...

I'm working on cleaning and organizing, one of my goals for 2012.
It's hard work!
I'm currently putting all my Bleuette doll clothes patterns into binders according to decade.
I'm nearly finished. I've used about 10 lbs of paper to print them. Tee hee!
I love fashion, and Bleuette's fashions span from 1905-1960!
I would love to make a few from each decade.
The above vintage print shows a little girl holding pussy willows.
I'm pleased to report my pussy willow tree is as tall as I am now.
It's in our backyard, and it even has a branch of PUSSY WILLOW buds!!!!
I'm so excited about this. I adore pussy willows.
Leona started the tree from a branch of pussy willow she bought for me.

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Shelley said...

Such a sweet card...can't wait to see your tree in bloom...I adore the cute picture on your sidebar of the little girl with her dolls....and I will love seeing the new dolls you purchase this year :)