Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Another update on the Case of the Mysterious Rubber Doll: Part 3

1961 November
Me and my rubber doll.
I'm including the rest of the photos of this doll in this final post.
This photo was taken in our little house on Euclid Street in Vancouver, by the front door.
I'm behind my Mom's sewing box. I loved this box; it was filled with her crochet books, knitting books, knitting needles, yarn, etc. It had a lovely smell. It was red vinyl, with a cream trim on the front and a large button in the middle. Yes, my Mom still has it in her bedroom!

December 1961.
I loved this grey rocking chair.
My Dad often rocked me in it when I had bronchitis, so I could breathe.
It had a lovely comforting creak.

October 1962.
Baby Leona has joined me and my rubber doll.
It looks like I'm actively engaged in entertaining her with my rubber teddy and my doll.
My Mom told me that once I took a rubber teddy with me to Safeway in my stroller and I lost it and was heartbroken. She went up and down the aisles but couldn't find it.
This is a really good picture of my rubber doll.

February 1963
Recently I discovered this photo in my Mom's album; I had never seen it before!
I'm positive that's my rubber doll with her back turned to the camera.
You can see the knob of her pony tail.
I loved pushing my dolls in my stroller.

Christmas 1962.
Amongst the wrapping paper and the thrill of new gifts lays the rubber doll.
It's strange that I never named her.
My next post about the rubber doll will show a clear photo of her, and a new dress!
She has been naked for so long, poor thing.

I double checked the back of her neck, and it does NOT say Rexall like I thought: it says "Reliable" with 1217 stamped above. I used a good magnifying glass with a light.
So there's yet another clue. Reliable dolls were Canadian made dolls.
My very first doll was a Reliable doll.
Here is PART ONE for the rubber doll story,
and here is PART TWO.
With great difficulty I added these new photos today.
Here are some new shots of my old rubber doll.
Isn't she cute?
I scrubbed her clean and she is no longer sticky.
Now she needs a new wardrobe.
Here is a side view of her cute face.

Here is the back view of her pony tail, which always fascinated me.
My Mom used to take a bobby pin and poke a red ribbon through a hole in the pony tail.
My doll has a squeaker; when you bounce her on her rubber feet, she squeaks.
It's really odd how toy companies created dolls...
Her cute red painted shoes and white socks.

Her full body shot.
A close up shot.


Georgie Horn said...

What a cute rubber doll! Stopping by from pink saturday. Come by for a visit!

Your Craft Book said...

Thank you so much for entering my blog give a way. I will keep my fingers crossed for you.

I love your rubber doll and it is so lovely that you have all of those pictures of her from your childhood.

Cannot wait to see her dress, enjoy, Maureen.