Sunday, January 1, 2012


Happy New Year to all!
Here's our little feast we had last evening.
Leona thought we'd be eating at midnight but we settled for 7 pm, not being party animals of any kind.
We did stay up until 1:00 am though, and we banged pots in the backyard while Kelsie went bananas!

After our meal, Leona and I tried something new.
We rented a pay per view video on Telus TV, "The Help", which cost $5.00 and we didn't leave the comfort of our living room. That's the first time we've tried it out, and it was neat.
The movie was well done and very entertaining.
I'll confess that I'm feeling ancient watching movies from the 1960 era.
It's the strangest feeling, as I remember the cars and the clothes and the furniture.
I hated those kitchens but I sure loved the fashions and the cars!
I'm glad I did NOT live in Mississippi!

Kelsie is missing in this photo because of the CRACKERS!
She hates crackers...she was shivering on the stair landing all the time we were eating.
By crackers, I mean the popping English type of crackers, where you get a paper hat, joke and tiny gift.
Here's to a good, brand new year filled full of God's blessings, and a much better year for us than the last one was! Things can only get better!

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