Monday, January 30, 2012

Memory Monday January 30, 2012

I began Memory Monday 3 years ago.
I had forgotten about it for a while; I haven't posted a photo since last May. Ooops!
Here is my aunt Emma, with my Mom on the chair for her first birthday in July 1934.
I really miss dear Aunt Emma. She passed away last February 22, 2011.
She practically raised my Mom, as there was such an age gap between them.

My Mom, Susie Brutke, age 3, July 1936.
Another birthday photo, age 3.
I'm sure her mother made the delicious looking cake.
She was a good cook and baker.

And here she is again, in the dirt!
This is her 2nd birthday, July 15, 1935.
I always hated that awful reddish dirt; it stuck to everything and ruined it!!!!
These photos were all taken on the farm in the Eola Hills in Amity, Oregon.
Isn't she cute? I've always loved short bobbed hair, but my Mom has always loved long hair!
Slowly bit by bit I'll put all the old photos on my blog.
Come by next Monday!

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Linda said...

look how adorable Susie was! I often had hair cuts similar, my mom will tell you it was because she got tired of my whining and crying about combing knots out of long hair....