Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Two New Dolls for 2012!

Here are the first dolls I've purchased in 2012.
I bought them from an online friend, Suzanne M.
The larger one is actually a Norman Rockwell collector doll named Wilma, which I found out from eBay. She is bisque, made in Western Germany.
She is loosely strung and won't stand up alone, so she is sitting beside Bleuette's fireplace on this chilly day, holding a tiny composition doll of her own.
I love black dolls, so when I spotted these on Suzanne's lovely website I knew they would be the first dolls I got in 2012, and so I've fulfilled my #2 project in my sidebar!
I'm also about 1/3 of the way through my #1 project so it's looking good around here!

Isn't the tiny doll adorable?

This is a picture of Wilma's original box, copied from eBay for my records.
My doll doesn't have this box.
I love different dolls, and I think that I will collect more of them as my funds allow.
This is a copy of the painting by Norman Rockwell, which is where the doll was copied from.
For Look Magazine, January 14, 1964.
Apparently by rapid Google research which I performed just now, this is a very famous painting.
I remember seeing it before, but I will do some more research and blog later about it.
I think the rotten tomatoes were thrown at the little girl.
My doll is missing her books, so I will have to make her a set.
The plot thickens!
This is a photo of a little girl that Norman Rockwell used for his painting above.
The actual story in New Orleans, Louisianna, concerned a little girl named Ruby Bridges.
I've never heard of this story, but I am far removed from the southern USA.
I am going to name my little black doll Ruby, as you know I live on Ruby Street and this is very appropriate! Please CLICK HERE to read all about the real Ruby.
Here is Ruby Bridges with President Barack Obama and the original painting, now in the White House.
I've sure had an interesting afternoon researching my new doll!


Linda said...

I enjoyed the storylink. Can You imagine how terrified that poor little girl must have been everyday? I am so glad that a lot of the world has changed for the better. No child should have to endure something like that.

Shelley said...

Ruby is beautiful...I did not know of this painting are the story...thank you so much for sharing....blessings

I whole heartily say Amen to Linda's comment. I have Bi-Racial grandchildren...I too am so glad there have been changes for the better...And a little child shall lead them.

chubskulit said...

Delightful! Have a beautiful pink Saturday, enjoy!

Little Chefs in Pink

wilhelmina said...

Norman Rockwell lived both in Vermont a town away from me and in Stockbridge, Mass. about an hour south from here. Love that your new dolly has connections to where I live. You will have to come and visit! I was just in Arlington picking up my son today. Every few years they have a meeting of his models who are still alive. I wonder who posed for your Ruby and if she is still alive.

JaneP said...

Dear Wilhemina and All,
The two (yes, two) little girls who modeled for Rockwell's painting, "The Problem We All Live With" are sisters Lynda Gunn and Anita Gunn Tinsley. To read more about them, and about my forth coming book profiling other Rockwell models of color, "Hidden in Plain Sight: The Other People in Norman Rockwell's America", go to my website,