Saturday, February 11, 2012

Happy pink Saturday - February 11th, 2012!

Happy Valentine's Day and pink Saturday!
I'm updating this post with my Valentine Tea pictures.
This is the second Valentine's tea I've hosted.
It's a lot of fun!
Here is a picture of the gift I gave to Linda, my doll collecting friend since 2003.
She really like it so I am thrilled.
I used a Valentine themed suitcase from Winner's store and added a paper lace doily, arranging the Bleuette dress which I made with scotch tape, and Valentine buttons and stickers on top.

This is Isabelle's gift. I've known Isabelle since 2009.
I've met these two wonderful ladies online!
We have fun teatimes together.

Here is my tea table.
I used a Valentine print tablecloth and added a red cloth on top.
I had fun using pink and red items to decorate.
I used my Royal Albert Dimity Rose china set which I've had for over 30 years.

Leona, my sister, bought the delicious Valentine cookies from Valley Bakery in Burnaby, the same bakery which we purchased our wedding cake from in 1982!

Store bought brownies and cookies. Yummy!

Heart shaped cherry scones, baked by myself. We added Devon cream from England.
These scones are fantastic.

Linda enjoying her tea!

The centerpiece: a glass display piece, with a paper doily on top, and a red pineapple crocheted doily on top of that, made by myself years ago. The red candle holder is also from Winner's.
I added two heart shaped candles I use every year.

Leona, Isabelle and Linda, holding their Valentine crafts they made after the tea.
I found this design HERE. I love finding things to make on blogs!
I believe I found this blog through Pink Saturday, too. Cool!

Enjoying our Valentine tea.
Don't you just love all the PINK?

And here is my Valentine tree, with two cute heart shaped pillows nestled underneath.
One of the pillows says "hugs" and the other says "kiss".
The 2 pretty cards are from Isabelle and Linda; Linda handmade her lovely card.

My dear little Bleuettes, with some friends behind them.
Linda made the polka dot dress with the red jacket; isn't it darling?
Isabelle made the sweet white shawl and hood, and the pretty red Valentine dress.
I made baby's romper.
It was quite a challenge to sew 2 dresses for everyone, but we did it!

I haven't posted all week! Ack!
My Mom has been very ill with "clostridium difficili" which I still can't pronounce!
It's a long story, but she is on the mend now. Thank you for all your prayers.
It all began with a regular visit to the dentist for a 6 month check up.
The dentist discovered a tooth abscess and put my Mom on two antibiotics, one of which was clindamycin. The side effect of this antibiotic is C. difficili.
So I have had a difficult week, and worries about other things in my life, namely my hubby's job, and I completely forgot to blog. Unbelievable!
The gorgeous arrangement above arrived at my door last night from Dan and Marlene (my sister in St. Louis) But it wasn't for me. They sent it for my parents. We took it over last night and she just loved it!
There's nothing like flowers to cheer you up.

I cannot post without showing dolls, can I?
Those of you who are not dolly lovers are probably sick of seeing them!
The baby is Bambino, a "brother" to Bleuette, but in this case has morphed into a girl. Tee hee...
I think our Valentine tea was a success!
And there were lots of PINKS!
Please visit BEVERLY'S BLOG to see much more pink!
Have a wonderful weekend and a sweet Valentine's on Tuesday.


jeanne said...

Hello Loretta, This is a sweet post. I pray that your mom is much better. The flowers from your sister for your parents are very thoughtful I'm sure that cheered her up and you too.
Hugs, Jeanne

Nancy said...

What beautiful photos and such pretty pinks. I know all about C. difficile from my years of working in medicine. Pronounciation is not too hard:
Clos (like closet) trid (short i in trid, not long) ium diffi (as if you were saying difficult) cile (pronounced ceel). Any time someone is on antibiotics for a long time, C. dif will take over as it is opportunistic. If long-term antibiotics are needed again, tell your Mom to eat yogurt and take probiotics. Lovely post for today.

Linda said...

Your pictures of the tea are wonderful! That camera takes such fabulous pictures! Great post! Except it is making me hungry:)

Connie Zink said...

Loretta, your Valentines tea is beautiful!! I am hoping to take some inspirations for this weekend!! I have a group coming for Saturday and Sunday. Your blog post is beautiful along with your pictures!! Have a great Valentines Day. Connie

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

What a great post!! Thanks so much for telling me about it. I worked last weekend and on the weekend that i have to work, I don't get much time to blog and visit.
I love this post because of the Tea, the cute craft that all of you made, the dolls and the tree. I am honored to have inspired you as far as a V Day tree goes!!
Thanks so much for visiting!