Monday, February 13, 2012

Memory Monday...Matthew's 23rd birthday!

One of my most precious memories was when Matthew, our only son, was born 23 years ago on February 9th, 1989. He was adorable, and such a good baby.
At two months old, he slept through the night, and ever afterwards he loved sleeping!
We celebrated his birthday last Tuesday as he was working on his birthday.
I made skillet spaghetti with a lettuce salad and garlic bread.
I also baked a heart shaped brownie for his cake.

Happy birthday dear Matthew!
Have a wonderful and thrilling year being 23.

Kelsie always has to get in the picture too!

We also took Matthew out for dinner last Saturday at Margaritas on West 4th Ave.
It was delicious!

The waiter placed a sombrero on Matthew's head and gave him a piece of chocolate cake.
He didn't sing to him and neither did we!
I love birthday celebrations, don't you?
Afterwards we went to Matthew's apartment and watched 2 Sherlock Holmes movies.
I went into a stupor for the second one, as I'd had the Valentine tea that afternoon, and was exhausted.
It was certainly a fun day!

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