Monday, March 12, 2012

Memory Monday...Apostolic Faith Church Vancouver BC

I'm scanning in old photos which my Dad, Jack Williams, took 60 years ago.
Time flies when you're having fun!
The above brochure was one I had kept in my memory box.
My Dad would glue these to the church newspapers.
This little church was at the corner of Kingsway and Rupert Streets in Vancouver BC.
It was demolished in 2002.

The interior of the churh, April 1954.
Photo by my Dad, Jack Williams.
I remember these chairs. The church got pews later in the 1960's so I was a small girl when I sat on these chairs. I remember Leona nearly folded up in half in one of them.

Looking the other way in the interior of the church.
April 1954.
Photo by Jack Williams.

December 1953.
Sunday School Christmas program rehearsal.
My Dad is in the back row, at the end on the right hand side.
His little brothers, Bobby and Dennis, are also in the mix.

The Vancouver Apostolic Faith choir, October 1954.
Most of these people are now gone. I remember them so well.
Oh, the happy memories of days gone by.


Vicki said...

Loretta, I love your post. Seeing these memories of church bring back many happy memories for me! My parents were very faithful church goers and Christians. My family was at church any time the doors were open. Thank you for sharing today and bringing back the past for me. Have a happy day! Vicki

Vicki said...

Loretta, I wasn't able to reply by e-mail. I didn't make the last decoration shown on a previous post. I bought that from ebay. Almost every thing I show was made by someone else. I love beautiful things, but I am not very crafty myself. Vicki