Friday, March 16, 2012

Pink/Green Saturday...a completed project & the Gothard Sisters!

Happy St Patrick's Day!
Notice the GREEN FABRIC in the background of this shadow box.
I bought the box around fifteen years ago. Sad to say, I left it in a drawer all this time, intending to finish it one day. Well, that day finally arrived on March 14, and I made myself sit down and put it together.
The picture in the box was taken in 1926, and is of my Grandma Helen Brutke, my Mom's mother, holding her baby daughter Frieda. This is the only picture I have of my Grandma at a fairly young age in her 30's. I don't think she liked having her picture taken!
The fabric represents this era, at least as close as I can come. It sort of looks like a feedsack.
The lace behind the picture is vintage and belonged to my Grandma as did the vintage buttons on the bottom of the box. I took them from my Grandma's sewing basket in 1973, when the White sewing machine and cabinet were still in her bedroom. My Grandma died in 1960 when I was only 10 days old so I never met her. She lived in Amity, Oregon.
The lace on top and bottom was bought at Greenbaum's fabric store in Salem, OR. That was the store where my Grandma always purchased her fabric and sewing notions.
I'm so happy to have finally assembled this memory box!

The Gothard Sisters from Seattle, WA, were here in Vancouver BC last Saturday.
They gave a wonderful 45 minute performance.
I had a chance to meet them again. The first time was in Dec 2010, and they remembered my name!
They also have a lovely doll website: OUR DOLLS
That's how I originally met them years ago; on their website. I love their doll photos.
Now they are talented young ladies who do shows all over the USA; celtic dance, singing, and instrumental music.
Here is their show website: Gothard Sisters
Here I am with the beautiful Solana, Willow and Greta.
It was so nice to meet them again!
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Happy Pink/Green St Patrick's Day!

By Loretta Houben


LV said...

How fortunate you are to have kept all those family treasures. I think your idea of putting preserving them in a shadowbox is an excellent.

S said...

Great idea, I need to do something like this memory box, love it. I also enjoyed finding the Gothard Sisters here, I hadn't heard of them before, they are very talented! Lovely blog site that they do too, really cute;) thanks for sharing, Sally

Dru said...

Hi Loretta - what a lovely tribute to your grandmother and such a treasure. Happy Pink Saturday and St. Parick's Day to you, Dru

Lori Stokes Wright said...

Love your shadow box, feels good to complete it doesn't it? Looks like the concert was nice. found you at Pink Saturday

paintedlady89 said...

I am so happy that you have finished your project...It is lovely.
I find that I am quite like that. I am working on using all those things that I have stashed for a line up of projects! Some how like happens and projects get put aside!
I love that you have enjoyed the day with such a fun performance the girls are beautiful!
Thank you for sharing!

Linda said...

The memory box is even cuter in person than in the pictures! Congrats on finishing your project!