Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sweet Sunday

I haven't posted any old church photos in a very long time.
I was interrupted by my Bible study course, which takes up a lot of reading hours!
This past week I scanned in two more photos from my Dad's collection. I posted them on FB and got more names of members to add. If you click on each photo it should appear larger in another window.
Here is the Apostolic Faith choir members.
Except for Sara Cherwick and my Dad, Jack Williams, as far as I know all of them have passed away.
I once knew all of them except for Elsie and Anna.
I often wonder how many people I've known in my life.

December 1953
The Apostolic Faith Sunday School at 3014 Kingsway, Vancouver BC
I've since discovered the names of more of the children.
Standing in front of my Dad, Jack W, is Larry Esau, who died at 21 in a motorcycle accident.
Right in front of him is a girl with glasses, turning her head. Her name is Grace Plesko; she was one of my SS teachers when I was a little girl.
Next to Marie Doucet is a tall girl; Carol Shriner.
The little girl with braids in the front row is Laura Jean Ion. Just behind her is my uncle, Dennis Williams. He has black hair.
The little girl to the left of Carol (as you look at the picture) is my aunt, Ruth Williams.
Just behind Dennis is Bobby Plesko. To the left of Bobby is my Uncle, Bob Williams.
The boy in the checked shirt in front of him is Doug Esau. (Sara Neufeld's nephew; Jacob Esau was his Dad) The boy on the left near the stairs in the checked shirt is his brother, Robert.
Whew. I wanted to record this for old times sake!
This photo was taken 59 years ago.

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