Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy 50th birthday, Leona!

Spring 1962.
50 years ago...and by the look on my face I was not happy at things to come.
Me and my Mom, Susie Williams, waiting for the happy event!

My Mom and baby Leona Joy, May 1962.

Baby Leona is nearly as big as me!

Leona and I playing with toys, a thing we often did together.
I did most of the talking and she obediently listened.

In the back garden of our new house on Monmouth Ave.
Leona and I loved to play outside. Each sunny day right after breakfast we were let loose in the yard.
My Dad built a rather high wooden fence all around and we were not allowed out of the yard.
That changed as we grew older.

Isn't Leona adorable? I think she was age 3 in this photo.

Leona age 8.

June 12, 1964: taken downtown Vancouver BC by a street photographer.
Leona in my Dad's arms.

Leona (sitting on the right) with the whole clan at Prospect Point in Stanley Park.

Christmas 1974; Leona loved horses!
She also loved gardening and sewing.
This is just a selection of a tiny piece of Leona's life.
(I don't have too many photos scanned in.)
Wishing you all the best in your 50's, Leona!
May you have a marvelous decade!

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Linda said...

You certainly do not look happy to have that new baby I love the picture of Leona at three and she looks exactly the same now she did in the photo of her at 8! I hope she is having a wonderful birthday!