Sunday, May 27, 2012

Vancouver BC beauty...

OK, you may not believe this, but I LOVE biking!
Due to the fact that we don't often have a sunny warm Saturday, I don't often get out on my bike, as I'm not one to ride in pouring sideways rain.
But yesterday May 26 was a spectacular spring day.
Robert and I packed our bikes on the bike rack on our car (we did NOT ride downtown on our bikes) and we headed for Granville Island. This is one of my favourite spots in British Columbia.
There is a bike path all around False Creek.
Here is a stunning view.

I do need a new bike. This one is over 20 years old.
Robert's bike had a broken valve so he couldn't bike at all, so he walked behind me.
I biked for half an hour as we had limited parking because we had arrived too late in the morning to find free parking. Granville Island has a wonderful huge market and it's very popular with the tourists.

The rhododendrons are very pretty this spring.
They bloom well in our climate.

A paddle boarder with Burrard Bridge in the background.
Should I try this sport next?

I had actually remembered to put the ferry coupons I had bought a few years ago into my wallet so we took a False Creek ferry over to Sunset Beach. I love the ferry ride. It takes about 5 minutes or less to cross the "creek".

Sunset Beach.
It's a small and rocky beach but I just love it.
It's very peaceful and not many people go here.
I found this on the internet:

Positioned at the mouth of False Creek, Sunset is a less populated jewel of a sandy spit close to the West End and the Downtown South/Yaletown neighbourhoods. In 1941, in a convoluted land exchange, the deed to Sunset Beach was turned over to the Park Board under a 99-year lease with the Provincial Government. Today, well behaved dogs will find an off-leash area to the south of the nearby Vancouver Aquatic Centre, which opened in 1974 replacing the Crystal Pool.

Hmm...I wonder what the Crystal Pool was. I think I've heard of it vaguely.
Robert at Sunset Beach.
He doesn't like this place as it's too rocky but I just love it.

A view of Burrard Bridge.
Granville Island is in the distance.
Granville Island is a fantastic place for tourist and resident alike.
Matthew our son works at Dussa's Cheese Shop on Granville Island, so say hello if you should visit! He had a day off yesterday so we didn't see him.

This is the car I would dearly love to own!
It was parked outside Rogers Chocolate Shop.
I resisted the urge to go inside the shop as we had just had delicious chicken taco salads for lunch and fresh JJ Bean coffee and shared an eccles cake from Stuart's Bakery. Oh Yummy!!!
However I spotted a New Store called The Cloth Shop just around the corner from here.
It's a brand new quilt shop, opened 3 weeks ago!
I bought a fat quarter to use as a dress for my Bleu dolls, of course! 

On the way back to our car, after shopping for produce, we heard a young people's group singing
A cappella together. They were very good.
It was a fantastic day out and about in Vancouver.
After a little nap, I spent the evening gardening.
I'm a tad exhausted today but feel great!


Anonymous said...

Crystal Pool - saltwater pool built in 1929 and tore down in 1974.

Some other interesting photos uploaded by this particular contributor.


Loretta said...

Thanks, Marlene! That's a cool site. I never knew about a Crystal Pool before.