Monday, May 21, 2012

Happy Victoria Day!

A beautiful painting by Henry Bone of Victoria as a child, with her mother.

My Chatty Cathy girls in the garden, circa 2005.
Lately we've had RAIN a lot on Victoria Day and today is no exception.

Queen Victoria.
I'm sure everyone recognizes her picture!
She was the longest reigning monarch of Britain and the commonwealth countries. (so far)

Queen Victoria's paper dolls.
We usually celebrate the day by going out to an antique show in New Westminster and watching the 21 gun anvil salute in Queen's Park, but today is very wet and miserable so we probably will skip it this year. Some Canadians are celebrating Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee today, but we will wait until the weekend of June 2nd, when Britain will also be celebrating.
I find it interesting to be part of the Commonwealth. There is a certain flavour in being attached to Britain and Royalty!

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