Monday, May 21, 2012

My newest doll...Lillian!

We wound up going to the antique show in New Westminster in the afternoon.
Guess what I fell in love with?
An Armand Marseille doll!
Linda Pepa took this photo as she was also there.

Isn't her face so pretty?
She was owned by a woman many years ago.
She was her childhood doll. The owner's name was Lillian so that is what I've named the doll.
A woman named Stephanie sold her to me and didn't really wish to part with her.

Lillian made all the doll's clothes.

A side view of Lillian.


Linda said...

She is so gorgeous, her face is so pretty! Remember to mention Lillian was 90 when she gave her to Stephanie 10 years this little girl is very old!

jenann said...

OOH! I'm having to fight the green eyed monster of jealousy!( Just joking!) She is so lovely and in such great condition, too. It is wonderful to know the history of your dolls.
What a shame I was so terrified of my Mum's doll like this when I was small, and she was finally given to a more appreciative cousin. I'd love to have that doll now.

Anonymous said...

Your Lillian is just lovely. This is the type of face I grew up with. She is special as you know her story. Please write it down so it can be passed on, stories just make dolls came alive.

Shelley said...

Lillian is a beauty. I am sure you will love and care for her as well as her first mommy :) I have a new doll blog called Doll can visit at