Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Writing Endeavors

It occurred to me that it is Wednesday, which some people call "Hump Day" but which in Blogland I've renamed "Writing Endeavors". I have been writing more than usual, but still have not updated my children's book. However it's on the backburner in my mind, and I haven't forgotten about it.
I wrote another article for our local neighbourhood paper. It's about Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee celebration coming up on June 2 - 4 next weekend. It will be published next month, and I will add a link in my sidebar once it shows up online.
Speaking of links, I've been adding all the articles I've written for the RCC newspaper, along with the page numbers so if you're interested, please visit my sidebar and scroll down.
I'm very pleased with my success at newspaper articles, and it's a good feeling to contribute to my local neighbourhood in this manner.

Lately I've had quite a few worries over health issues, mainly to do with my parents. It doesn't do any good to worry, and the other week our Pastor at Willingdon Church spoke from Matthew 6 from the Sermon on the Mount, and talked about the sin of worrying. Alas, lately I've been very sinful.
I'm trying to overcome this tendency to worry and fret. It grips me each day in a terrible vice.
Each day I struggle to free myself from its grasp.
I'm spring cleaning my bookshelves and closets and came across a daily "Morning and Evening" devotional book written by Charles Spurgeon. He was one sublime writer. Amazingly the past week the daily devotions have had "worrying" for their subject.
Today's verse was:
"Take us the foxes, the little foxes that spoil the vines." (Song of Solomon 2:15)
The little foxes represent little sins, which will destroy our relationship with Christ if we do not get rid of them. Here are Spurgeon's last few sentences for this subject:
"Jesus invites you to go with Him. He will surely, like Samson, easily take the foxes at once. Go with Him to the hunting."
So that is what I must do each day!

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