Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee!

Our Queen Elizabeth II is celebrating 60 years on the throne in Britain beginning today, June 2, 2012.
As far as I know there are very few celebrations here in Vancouver BC.
Never fear!
We have some of our own planned, including a small display of royal souvenirs.
I found the lovely plate showing Queen Elizabeth's life in pictures at the New Westminster antique show a few weeks ago. I bought the tin of Jubilee tea at my local Winners shop, and I had the other items already, including the lovely coronation book with black and white photos from 1953.
I made my Bleuette's dress using a 1953 pattern designed by Robin Barrows.
I made the little UK flag.
We are all set!
Let the celebrations begin!
God save the Queen!


Jane said...

You have some very special mementos there for your Jubilee celebration! God Bless Queen Elizabeth - 60 years on the throne - how amazing!

This really shows my age, but would you believe they let us out of school(here in Florida) the day of her coronation so we could watch it on television?!! No tv at school then. Of course, I was very young but I remember it because we didn't have tv at home so got to go watch it at a friend's house. It might have been the first big transatlantic broadcast, though I suppose it was delayed due to the time difference. Hard to believe all the exciting changes over these 60 years of her reign!
Enjoy your celebration!

Shelley said...

Seems like that would call for a celebration with a formal High Tea :)
Your sweet Bleuette is all set in her beautiful dress you made. May God bless your Queen...