Sunday, June 3, 2012

Diamond Jubilee June 3, 2012

Another exciting day!
I got up fairly early to watch the flotilla of 1000 boats floating down the Thames River in London England, live! I snapped a few pictures, with my Bleuette, Robinette, floating along with the Royal Barge, waving to dear Queen Elizabeth!

Queen Elizabeth stood for 90 minutes while floating down the river.
I hope I do as well at 86!

Tower Bridge opening.
The Royal Barge docked just past the bridge, and watched the ships passing by.

The Royal Barge was decorated with herb and flower gardens.
It must have been gorgeous close up.
Unfortunately it poured rain. How pretty it would have been if the sun had shone!

We had our own Jubilee Lunch after church with our Bible study small group.
We even sang "God Save the Queen".

I brought a Ceasar salad and a bought cake decorated with tiny Union Jack flags which I made.
I didn't have time to make something more elaborate due to my hectic day on Saturday, but that's another post.
God bless the Queen!

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