Monday, June 4, 2012

Diamond Jubilee Tea!

In honour of Queen Elizabeth's diamond jubilee celebrations this weekend and today and tomorrow, my friend Isabelle hosted a special royal tea.
Linda picked me up at the New Westminster station, and we headed to Isabelle's home at noon today.
I brought the centerpiece; a Victorian sponge cake made from scratch.
This is my second attempt. The first one looked like two frisbees as I didn't realize what self raising flour was until it was a bit too late.
I bought the adorable cutouts from a site on UK eBay.
The center of the cake is whipping cream and fresh berries.

Isabelle and her lovely decorated table!

Loretta, Isabelle and Linda.
We feasted on many cups of hot tea, scones with Devonshire cream and homemade jam, egg sandwiches, ham and cheese sandwiches, cheese tarts hot from the oven, sausage rolls, shortbread cookies, walnut cakes, jam cookies and Victorian sponge cake.

The little Bleuette dolls came too, arrayed in their special Jubilee dresses.
Isabelle gave each of us a tiny silver teapot, which I think you can see under my signature above if you enlarge the photo by clicking on it. They are darling. She also gave us each a book of Lady Diana and Prince Charles paper dolls from 1981. I gave Ada Mathilda and Madeline a shopping bag to use when they fly to London to shop with. (see below)

The Bleuettes in their special dresses with their shopping bags.

Isabelle has a vast collection of special royal china!
I really like this one of Queen Elizabeth.

Robinette found a lovely Eiffel Tower in the doll room!

She also found a sweet little baby to visit.

And I found a beautiful AM doll who dearly wished to come home with me.
Tee hee...but she understands she must stay with Maman Isabelle!

Two more of Isabelle's AM dolls.
Aren't they gorgeous?

Walt makes these bears to sell.
Aren't they cute?
It was a most wonderful day and I for one am glad Queen Elizabeth has reigned for 60 years so we could have this special day.
Thank you, Isabelle!

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