Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Five years ago today...looking back...

It was on Tuesday, June 12, 2007 that Matthew graduated from Windermere High School.
Tuesday is a weird night for a graduation ceremony but I was very happy that Matthew graduated with honours, and that it wasn't pouring rain. June is always a very wet month in Vancouver.

Robert, Matthew and I in the rose garden near the Chan Centre at UBC.
I was so excited that our only son was graduating and beginning a new life.

After the ceremony with Grandpa, and his diploma in Matthew's hand.

We were all so happy and pleased that evening!

I fondly imagined that with his honours and his scholarship for Langara College that Matthew would major in English studies and maybe become a teacher. But after two years of college he dropped out, moved out from home at the age of 19, and is working in Dussa's cheese shop on Granville Island.
Matthew is very happy following his own path in life, and is fiercely independent. We're also happy for him, but truly I do miss the "old days" when he was living here at home. I guess every mother is like that! This year my niece, Ashley Braun, graduates from high school.
It's amazing how swiftly time flows by.
It's been 34 years since I graduated. Somehow I just love this time of year with new beginnings and the breath of fresh optimism which pervades the air.
I wish all young grads everywhere all the best for their future.
"Live long and prosper!"


Jane said...

It's hard to raise them and then see them follow a different path than what we'd want for them, but it could be much worse! Perhaps he'll return to school later on after a little "life experience".

S said...

My son thinks he might go to college, he is turning 24 this year. College isn't everything, though. What he does if it makes him happy and is enough to pay the bills...is fine with me;)He has a job working in science and making enough to buy his own home at age 23, has a brand new car nicer than my hubbys or mine, and is married with a new baby, life is good for him. His job promoted him recently and he is in line for a second promotion with no college.