Monday, June 18, 2012

My 52nd birthday in Minter Gardens Part One

I had a wonderful birthday last Friday!
The day was divine...full of blue sky and sunshine, a very rare treat here this year.
This is the community hall in Fort Langley BC, where we stopped for coffee on our way up Hwy one.
The pictures in this post are proof of the lovely day.

Just past Chilliwack we stopped at Minter Gardens.
It was built in 1980 but we had never been there.
Admission was $8.00 back then, but now it's $17 each.
We used a 2 for 1 coupon from the Entertainment book.

"Under the Gaze of the Blue Peacock"
Texting Leona the title of my next novel...

The Blue Peacock.

One of the many vistas which greets the eye as you roam through the 32 acres.

This was one of my favourite spots.

This little house was at the top of a knoll.

The Southern Belles.

Formal gardens.

Robert enjoys gardening...

Proud to be Canadian!
We spent 2 hours here and had lunch in the cafe; delicious food!

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