Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Kamloops and the Nicola Valley

Visiting with Wim, Dad and Margaret in Kamloops last Saturday.
There isn't too much to do in Merritt, so we drove 40 minutes to Kamloops, shopped a bit, and met the family for lunch. It was such a nice visit, and I completely forgot to get a picture at the lunch table, but this one turned out really nice.

Wim helping Dad to their "new" car, a white Buick. It must be interesting having something white in this part of the country! Tee hee...Wim has to help Dad along as Dad is losing his balance a lot these days.

Montanas where we had lunch.

After driving back to Merritt, we spent some time in the hotel pool and hot tub.
We then spent the rest of the day with Gary and Sylvia.
Here are Gary's iris gardens.

Sylvia on her porch.

Mysteriously, there is a castle and a space shuttle in the Nicola Valley.
They both belong to one of Sylvia's bosses. You just never know what you will see when you take the back roads! Gary drove us in his jeep for over an hour, over a very bumpy unpaved road. It was a lot of fun.

A log church in the Nicola Valley.

The bell for the log church.

The garden at the front of the log church.

These are Indian horses. I just love them!

The Nicola Valley is simply beautiful.

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