Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Family Tree

I'm hard at work, scanning in old photos which I borrowed from Janet Trotter, a second cousin of mine.
Isn't this a cute picture?
From left to right these are the names:
Lydia, Robert, Bertha, Ewalt Brutke; children of Adolph and Helen (Gusa) Brutke.
Next are Helen's brothers, Henry and Bill.
I wonder what in the world they are balanced on?
(please click on the picture to see it large)


Melissa Bly said...

I have recently learned that my family has been laid to rest at the Amity Cemetery. My grandma is Darlene Stichler and Ewalt Keene was her father. I love that I have stumbled across this site and I am learning a little more about my Brutke family. We are going to have a Brutke-Keene family reunion next week on 8-11-2013 and I am very excited as this is my first reunion for this side of the family :)

Loretta said...

Hi Melissa; how very exciting that you found me! Would you kindly email me at dragonfly3@telus.net? Thanks!