Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Family Tree...Great Grandma Pauline Gusa

This is my great grandma, Pauline (Hein) Gusa.
She lived up on a hill, close to my Mom's family.
My Mom mentioned today that she remembers visiting their home with her mother, but Grandma Pauline was always puttering in her pantry and didn't greet her granddaughter Susie with a hug as that wasn't the way back then. Isn't that sad?
The girl standing in the background is Pauline's daughter, Julia. (my great aunt)
I remember aunt Julia at campmeeting in the 1980's in Portland OR when we would visit each summer.
She always greeted me with a big hug!

This lady who I blogged about the other day is Pauline's mother.
I assume her name is Wilhelmina Kuhn, as my Mom is doubtful and claims that my aunt Pat may have been guessing at the name. Sigh....
Genealogy is very fascinating.
Pretty soon I'll begin dreaming about them all, I just know it!
Two weeks ago I was in Volhynia in one dream, and it was beautiful.

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