Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pictures of Anielowka, Ukraine!

I have found a few pictures of Anielowka, Ukraine online!
To see them, please CLICK HERE.
They are taken by Bill Remus.
I had seen these pictures quite a while ago, but had misplaced the link.
Bill Remus has a wonderful website.
This one: Families of Anielowka and Berestovitz is so interesting!
(The map showing Anielowka and Berestovitz is exactly the same as the one my Aunt Patricia Brutka has in the binder she gave me.)
Bill Remus also had ancestors from the village of Anielowka.
Maria Deutschlander by Rose Clausen-Mohr is a very good read.

I'm very excited to be discovering so much about Anielowka all at once!
Digging in the past fascinates me no end.

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