Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pictures of August Gusa's Bible.

My Mom, Susan Brutke Williams, gave me her Grandpa's Bible some time back.
I finally took a picture of it today.
It's printed in German, which I can't read.
Great Grandpa August marked quite a few verses.
I don't know much about him, so looking at his Bible gives me a sense that he loved to read it, and enjoyed marking his favourite verses. I could figure them out by paging through my Bible by chapter and verse. The Bible is very heavy.

I don't believe Great Grandpa August brought it with him from Volhynia.
There is a penciled marking of "1930" on the front page.
According to my Mom, August tore out all personal information and buried it underneath an oak tree.
I'm not sure why or when he did this, so I'll have to ask her.

Here is one of the inside pages, with a crocheted book marker.

This is my great great grandfather, August Gusa.

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