Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer adventures...staycation time at Britannia Mine near Squamish!

Last Monday, July 16, we headed up the new highway to Britannia Mine, which was in operation for 70 years. It produced copper. When I last visited 31 years ago, it was a very small museum.
Now it's vastly improved and very interesting. We spent 2 hours here. The cost is $22 each plus tax, but we used a 2 for 1 coupon from our Entertainment Book.

Robert outside the old tunnel into the 1912 mine.

Wearing our hard hats before heading into a cool and damp tunnel in the 1912 part of the mine.
My great grandpa Palmer was a miner in the slate mines in Penycraig Wales many years ago.
For some weird reason I don't mind chilly mines or dark caves. Maybe it's in my blood.

What the miners used to wear.

This is called a honey pot. Tee hee....the miners worked 8 hour shifts in complete darkness, relieved only by the lights on their head gear which used to be a simple candle in 1912.
When nature called they used these pots. Can you imagine? 
The worker who wheeled this contraption throughout the tunnels in the mines did so without pay.
He was a beginner, and after one month, he was ready to advance to a different job, as he then knew the tunnel system very well.

Here I am in the third mine which operated until the 1970's.
Now the mine is a museum and also used for movies such as Scoopy Doo the 2nd.

I am the Britannia Copper Queen. Tee hee...

Rare footage from a 1937 movie. It was fascinating to watch.

Robert and the kitchen sink!

At the beginning of the museum, beside a huge piece of quartz rock.

The miners sorted their samples in a large building.
I was fascinated with the Britannia museum.
This was a great outing close to home.
I highly recommend it.

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Helen said...

I've never seen a mine. I've never been to a cave ot a tunnel either. Good for you. Glad you had fun. From the photos,it looks like a interesting place.