Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A lovely day...

On Saturday, August 11, 2012 we headed to Steveston, an old Japanese fishing village in Richmond.
It was a gorgeous HOT day!
We have been having marvelous sunny weather this summer, beginning in July.
It has been wonderful and we are drinking it up.
This event was a marine festival and we both love boats so we had a fantastic day, although all day long I thought of Pop Houben.

A tall masted Japanese ship.

I love ships and messing about on boats.

Model boats.
No, I will not start another hobby...

This was neat; a handmade boat with a person standing inside and working two puppets.

Me with an author, Ron Hyde.

I thought of Mum and Pop Houben when I saw these two swans.

After 3 hours at the festival we headed to London Farmhouse nearby and had tea and scones with peach jam. It was perfect.

These two photos are taken in the local community garden beside the farm.

We sat for an hour beside the Fraser River and let our cares drift away.
It was a lovely summer day.

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S said...

How beautiful! You take lovely photos. I am glad the beautiful things you saw made you think of your wonderful father, that shows what a great person he was for you all. Best wishes,Sally