Sunday, August 12, 2012

Recent photos of Dad H.

I double checked the photos I took exactly 8 weeks ago today.
Here is one where I snapped Dad leaving Sylvia's place.
So I've titled it "saying goodbye to Dad" which is appropriate.
This is how I like to remember him.
He had a lovely Father's day with everyone, including his darling little great granddaughter.

What a nice visit we had together.
Little did we know that in 2 months Dad would be gone.

Well, Dad is not really gone but he is now in the spirit world.
I wish I could email him!

I love this photo. If you click on all my photos you can see them large.

Yesterday we spent the day outdoors.
We went to Steveston where there was a marine festival.
I'll post those pictures later. It was fantastic. I thought of Dad all day long.
I snapped this picture of a community photo garden and added a Bible verse.
I will dwell on those verses a lot.


Shelley said...

So very sorry for the loss of your loved one...prayers going up for your family...blessings

jenann said...

Such lovely photos of your Dad. He looks a very sweet, kindly gentleman. Gad you have such wonderful memories to hold on to.

Helen said...

Sorry for your loss. He looks very sweet indeed. Glad you have sweet memeories of him.