Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Genealogy project...framing my ancestors.

I bought this frame at my local dollar store, and then chose my favourite Gusa/Brutke family photos, and printed them out on HP bright white paper at full resolution.
It looks better in real life, of course.
The top photo on the left hand side is Pauline Gusa's mother, the one without a name.
The next photo on the right is my Mother's parents wedding photo taken on October 26, 1912.
They are Adolph and Helen Brutke.
The photo underneath them is Helen's parents, August and Pauline Gusa, with their children, also taken on October 26, 1912. Helen made her sister's dresses and her own wedding dress.
The last photo is my Mother, Susan Brutke, with her new husband, John Williams, on Sept 3, 1955.
I figured that I couldn't possibly get them confused if they are assembled in one frame!
Also I figure that if I work on projects like this, while at a dead end as to finding out any more clues to name searching, it will keep my interest alive.

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