Monday, September 10, 2012

Memory Monday...the cemetery of my ancestors.

These photos were taken in July 2006 with my Canon Rebel camera.
This was the last time we visited Amity Oregon. Of course we would love to go back, but it would be strange to go without my parents. Fortunately I had the foresight to visit the Amity graveyard.
My Mom remembered where all the family graves were!
Amity Cemetery was established in 1854.
If you click on the link, it will show you the names of the people buried here, as of 2007.

George Brutke, father of Adolph Brutke. 
George is my great grandfather.

Amelia Frank Brutke, wife of George Brutke, my great grandmother.
At least I have pictures of their graves, which means a lot to me.
I love cemeteries and graves. They are such peaceful places.

Another view of the cemetery, with Matthew in the distance, contemplating his end.

My Mom, Susie Brutke Williams.

A family headstone, belonging to Edward and Helen Keene. Helen was a sister of Adolph Brutke, so she was an aunt to my Mom.


S said...

I also like cemeteries. We were researching our German roots and would go looking at different ones, my father was thrilled when he found his great grandfathers grave (who came from Germany around 1847). I love your family photos, they look like a close, happy group of people.

Loretta said...

Thanks, S! I appreciate all your comments here. We are a close group. And we are also of German descent.

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